Work Update – Do you do a variety of jobs?

As my new life start unfolds* I have been looking to find some additional part-time work. Also I have been working to increase my massage business …… 

Alongside this I am embracing writing my blog. Learning so much about WordPress, SEO, editing photographs and masses about engaging on social media particularly Instagram. 

I bravely booked on to a couple of blog conferences to increase my knowledge and meet other bloggers.
I went to the Health Bloggers Conference  – Health & Blogging Summit [#HBCSummit] in April ( This was a good event, not too large, fairly well organised . Although the workshops couldn’t accommodate all those wanting to attend.

Call this work!

#HBCSummit 2nd Breakfast!

I managed to get into the Photography workshop for Bloggers with the lovely Anastasija Jegorova (Instagram @anastasija_je). Here I learnt a lot about photography generally – not hard as I knew nothing!

photo work

#HBCSummit Photography Workshop – my practice pics were sabotaged by other people’s bodies!

I also got into the Blogger and Brand Collaborations Workshop ran by Fab Giovanetti. Fab is the founder of Health Bloggers Community and Conference organiser ( Along with Frances Katz (Instagram @healthyfitfran) a Dancer and Blogger. An informative and useful session.

Panel Discussions were held in a large room, easier to get in to. I attended the How to Launch your Editorial Career in Health & Wellness and the Collaborating with Brands as a Digital Influencer. Both sessions were well ran and provided some great insights into the process a blogger needs to think about to be successful.

The Garden Market had a “Sample products from the hottest brands…” all were generous with both their time and their products. The Summit provided a fantastic goody bag too!

work freebies

#HBCSummit Goody Bag

I’ve booked on to Blogtacular in June too. I let you know how that goes! UPDATE my review is here:

I attended Be:Fit 2017 last weekend to checkout the status of the Health & Fitness world currently – blog review here:

work research!

Be:Fit 2017 – work research!

To supplement my income at this time I applied for a couple of casual part time jobs. I’ve done some exam invigilating before and I contacted local schools to see if they had any vacancies. As the school system has recently changed in Leicestershire, High Schools previously years 7-9 have expanded to year 11. 2017 sees their first full GCSE year, thus a requirement for Exam invigilators, my luck was in and I was taken on. 

I contacted my local District Council about Poll Clerk work, I was told they had no vacancies but would put me on a reserve list. A few weeks ago this also came good. A vacancy has arisen in my nearby town for the 4th May elections so I’ve signed up! The General Election in June means another days work is already on the cards – lets hope I survive on Thursday!

All in all a good time, all I have to do now is the work!

Do you do a variety of jobs?

Thanks for reading

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4 thoughts on “Work Update – Do you do a variety of jobs?

  1. I guess I do too, I’m a full time mom of two toddlers, a photographer, blogger and graphic designer. 😊
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading.

  2. I am planning to attend some blogging events and conferences too. Thanks for reminding me. Great post 😊

  3. It’s great that you are working really hard – don’t forget to allow yourself some time to relax! I hadn’t thought about attending conferences related to blogging and social media…but after reading this I’ll be on the lookout!

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