What got me through January and February 2017

2017 didn’t get off to a good start (see this blog)

I’d like to share with you some of the things that have got me through the dark days of January and February.


Here I am after a #julibfit session, in some Fabletics gear.

Firstly, I joined the #fabletics21 mediation challenge . This daily plan built up to 15 minutes of meditation and it helped me switch off from the anxiety life was throwing my way. It relieved my sleep issues and it assisted me in finding a healthier, calmer approach to the major life changes I was experiencing. Along with….

Secondly, Yoga With Adriene #yogarevolution 31 day yoga practice was incorporated into my day (free on You Tube). Adriene is brilliant and this daily practice was excellent. Signing up meant a daily email, this at times was inspirational. I’m certain this helped my self confidence, self awareness and made me present in the here and now and capable of dealing with “stuff”.

Thirdly and finally, working out with Julia Buckley’s online gym has been a constant in my life for almost 3 years. This has given me both mental and physical strength. The programmes have helped me discover talents and I have gained a fabulous supportive community of friends. During this difficult time it is great to have a constant and has really helped me forge ahead with 2017. Thank you all.

I’m now feeling happy and strong.

I’m making plans for the future and really concentrating on giving my massage clients a fabulous service and developing my blog and online presence.

My family and friends were also there for me, and to them I am ever grateful, Love you xx

Thanks for reading


Jen x

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