Massage treatment


Remedial massage therapy is a hands-on massage treatment, the techniques used gently massage the muscle tissue. The manipulation promotes natural healing for a curative or therapeutic effect because it works deeper than regular relaxing massage techniques, its effects are usually deeper and longer lasting, yet still relaxing.

How does massage treatment work?
Remedial Massage stimulates the body’s healing mechanism by:
• Increasing blood flow, both locally and generally, to improve circulation
• Increasing lymphatic flow to and from the treated area to reduce pain, swelling and      inflammation
• Relieving stress and tension, known to hinder the healing process
• Reducing muscle tension, balancing the muscles and increasing muscle tone, all enabling greater mobility
• Over time, breaking down scar or fibrous tissues to improve joint mobility

What happens during a massage treatment?
At your first consultation I will ask you questions to understand your lifestyle, for example hobbies, sport, exercise, occupation, medical history. I will do an examination and of your condition.

I will then recommend a treatment plan which will treat the cause of the disorder, as well as the symptoms.
Treatments will include soft tissue massage, mobilisations and stretching. I will also recommend some self-management techniques that you can do for yourself.

I undertook my training with the Northern Institute of Massage and I belong to the professional body LCSP, along with being a  member of CNHC .

More information about these professional bodies can be found here.

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