The first weekend of December is here and its only 3 weeks ’til Christmas!  I’m surprisingly excited; my children are grown up, I have no grandchildren (yet) but it’s still a great time of year.

Here are my 7 reasons for that……………………………..

  1. ADVENT CALENDARS – I haven’t had one of my own for years but this year I treated myself and I can’t wait to check what’s in it every morning.
  2. GREAT FOOD – I love homemade mince pies. My partner is a good pastry maker unlike me, massage therapists have hot hands rubbish for pastry making 🙂
    We also make Christmas cake and Christmas pudding  – yummy! happy-traditional-christmas-pudding
    We have a family tradition on Christmas eve – baked ham (great leftovers with boiled eggs for breakfast and pickles on Boxing day), mash, cabbage and PARTY sauce, this is actually parsley sauce renamed by my young nephew many years ago, we think it an appropriate name to kick off the family festivities.
  3. CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS – as a child we didn’t have these but it became a tradition when I had my children. The girls still get a stocking and it’s fun to fill them with useful gifts for the 20-something; tights, shower gel, face mask, lip gloss….not forgetting the obligatory satsuma and nuts. sto
  4. CAROL SERVICES – I love to sing and always to try to fit in 2 or 3 local carol services, so joyous and a reminder of what Christmas is really about. I then resolve to (re)join a choir in the New Year, this hasn’t happened yet.
  5. CHRISTMAS TREE – My Dad’s birthday is the 15th December and we never put the Christmas tree up til after his birthday. I continue to do this, it will stay up until 12th night January 6th, unlike a lot of those who put it up on December 1st! I do love to see the village and town trees and lights so festive.
  6. GIVING – I love to give at Christmas. I’m currently surrounded by lists; gifts, stocking fillers, Christmas cards, visits, food plans………………….. I really could do with condensing and consolidating these as currently they are on my phone, in my diary, on scraps of paper etc.
  7. FAMILY & FRIENDS – Most importantly it is the time of year that generally everyone makes an effort to be happy and thankful. A time of joining with those close and special to you in sharing and caring and this I am really looking forward to.

Do you like December? What are your favourite things?